What makes me really angry?

I thought it was ignorance, but during writing I realised there is something behind that. What makes me angry about the world, more than anything else, is when people ignore the rights and interests of other people.

Politically, I am liberal. And while I am aware that for some people liberalism means you can do whatever you want, for me being free includes responsibility, legally and morally, for ones actions as an imperative.

Of course, when interacting with adults, I expect people to step up for their own interests. However, we do not all have the same prerequisites to engage in social situations. – Here is where my loathing for ignorance comes in: If you lack something, especially knowledge or information: learn, ask, make up your mind. – People take advantage of other people being shy, or slow, or surprised. You might find that o.k., or simply human, or you might say that they do so unwittingly. But other people act cruel, fully aware that the other person does not agree or even suffers.

And that is what I don’t get. We are all human beings, we all try to live our lifes as good as we can, we all struggle. We all lose someone we love, we all laugh, we all doubt. We believe different things about our role in the world or the meaning of life and everything. But we all try to get it. Once you realised that, how can you be cruel to another human being who just ‘tries to get it’? How can you not be kind and compassionate?




4 thoughts on “What makes me really angry?

  1. I agree with you in this. People are so absorbed in their chase to something unreal like absolute power or wealth that they harm others and their living environment along the way.

    When we take a step back and see it, the ones who really success are the ones who really are kind and compassionate


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