Helping others

The question of the day is: What do people thank you for?

Well, first of all for kicking ass. I am great in helping people reflect on their own views, problems or life-lies. Those who appreciate being seriously challenged, thank me for it. The others hate me 🙂

Other topics include:

  • Finally understanding an issue (e.g. in business administration) nobody else could explain in simple terms before
  • Being treated as equals, especially in situations with inherent power imbalance, e.g. in class
  • My time
  • Listening
  • Making them laugh
  • Challenging them intellectually
  • Honesty and clarity
  • Being me
  • Being different (I have no idea what that means)
  • Not judging them

Coming to think of it, those are just the same things I would thank people for, too. I only would extend BA to social sciences in general.




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