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Yesterday, I went to a friend’s marriage. We are not that close so I had been surprised to be invited in the first place. But I totally appreciate the idea of inviting people you would like to spend more time with in your future life, and that was just what she wanted to do.

At one moment, another friend of her asked me whether I was Jen, which obviously I am not, but Jen was the link between me and the bride. So I introduced myself, and the bride added: She is Jen’s ‘Plus one’. And I was close to dropping dead. Like, did I get my invitation wrong? Is that all there is to say about me? So I decided to set up a small list of things not-so-close friends could tell other people when they introduce me. And here is my list of

Five things you could tell strangers about me to encourage small talk:

This is Natalie, and she

  • is a lecturer in business administration, strategy and HR management.
  • has recently started to perform as a comedienne.
  • cries in the movies when characters reach their dreams.
  • has never been to New York.
  • plans taking a road trip along Europe’s coasts next year.

By the way: As a host, introducing your guests to each other is a great way to help them mingle instead of staying within their cohort.


Natalie (who had a lovely evening, thanks for having me)


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