Vive La Revolution!

and justice for all.

Why, no, it’s not about justice. It’s about equal access to self-determination and power. It’s about encouraging people to dare thinking critically, to question and evaluate what they are told. It’s about courage and compassion, freedom and responsibility. It’s about world domination – shared equally amongst the people. It’s about free, democratic societies. I am a megalomaniac!

I want critical citizens. I want everybody to experience the kind of education I had. Decent basic knowldge about a number of subjects, and, much more important, the ability to gather information and to create new knowledge, based on reflection and debate. People are kept dependant on experts very much by telling them the world is too complex to understand and too dangerous to trust yourself. And that’s BS. And that’s why so many so called experts get along with mediocre performance! Because the client / voter / student /customer is unable to judge quality. And afraid to make wrong decisions. And overwhelmed with the immens number of daily decisions.

I understand that. It’s tough to accept responsibility. But it allows those who don’t care to exploit customers, employees and the environment. The revolution I want to lead?

Stop bullshitting!

I need a better name for that. Any ideas how to rephrase it, so that it sounds a little bit more appealing?

That would be great, thank you.




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