Back to Basics

Isn’t it funny how sometimes, when you are desperate for finding something new, you go through weeks of self-reflection, talking to other people and reading massively about changing your life, you arrive at something that has been with you for ages, and you see it in a completely different light?

No? Then you might have just gone through your first round of evaluating your life. Me, I do so on a regular basis, and I feel like I always come back to the same point, albeit on another level. It’s not a circle, but a spiral. Which sometimes feels a bit disappointing. I admit that I am waiting for this big bang moment, the heureka when I find my true passion. And then there is only this tiny, silent: ‘Ah, there YOU are again’.

Of course that makes sense. I am convinced that people know exactly what they want to do, maybe they are a little bit confused about the why. And they are afraid or just don’t know that it’s possible. Then they turn to the self-help industry and all the experts out there telling you, not what you want to do, but how to find out what you want to do. But that’s not the point – although I encourage you to do that, because it helps finding confidence about what you want and why; and confidence you are going to need a lot on your new path.

The point is to dare following your passion. Just do it. There is no need to find some extra-ordinary, life-altering, crazy stuff worthy to blog or write books about. Just do what makes you happy. And if it’s becoming rich and popular, have fun! And if it’s marriage and a bunch of children, go for it! And if it’s a revolution on management education – well, then I would happily have you in my corner. Because that is my passion. And it has been for while. I only lost the fire because I hate the working conditions in my industry. I need to find new ways to teach management skills, economic knowledge and critical thinking about the relationship between business, politics and society to everyone.




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