Who doesn’t like to be annoyed?

I learned a new English phrase today: pet peeves. Apparently, it’s neither a pet, nor a poltergeist, but something you enjoy being angry about. Ha! Here are my:

Top three bookish pet peeves

  1. E-Readers, or rather: people who use e-readers to read fiction. I have no idea whether they can be used for any other purpose, like balancing tables or so. But seriously, people, what are you thinking? ‘Oh, I can take 5.000.000 books with me when I travel’. Yes. You could also talk to strangers or take a look around the area, but having massive amounts of data available might be the cool thing. And let’s face it: How many of those e-books do you actually read? You can’t just hand one over to the passenger next to you or lend the favourite one to a friend: ‘I loved this one so much, you have to read it’. Oh,  but I can read at night. Ah ya, or you could switch the light on. Or take a nap. When did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and thought ‘Oh, I’d really like to read some pages but I’m too lazy to turn the lights on’ before the Kindle? And why are you not too lazy to turn the e-reader on, too? BTW, as a non-user of e-readers: Their monitor light is just as annoying to the person next to you as a normal lamp!
  2. Dog-ears and other marks people leave on my books. ARGH!
  3. Not lending books. I feel really offended when people tell me they wouldn’t lend me a book of theirs. Although I understand all the reeasons: dog-ears, stains, broken backs, not getting them back at all. I was one of those who wouldn’t lend books, too. Because I hate how some people treat my books. But then I came across book cossers, and I realised that a book should be read, not stored on a shelf. And although I do not participate in a bookcrossing community, I started to lend, sell, donate or just leave books where I finish them. Depending on what a book it is. I still keep many, but I try not to cling to my belongings and set a book free when the time has come and I’m sure I’m not going to read it again. I have regrets on only one, but then again, I read Angelina Jolie’s ‘Notes from my Travels‘ three times before I gave it away. I know what’s in there and why I thought I wouldn’t want to read it again.




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