San Miguel

What can I say about T. C. Boyle’s ‘San Miguel’? Pfff…  Um…. Uargh… San Miguel was a book that disappointed me. Of course because I had expectations. Disappointment always comes from unfulfilled expectations. It’s my fault. I think in my mind I mixed up T.C. and Danny Boyle. The name Boyle reminds me of Trainspotting and how cool I felt back in 1996.

Fast forward 16 years

I wanted to read something in English, and I had seen an interview with T.C.Boyle, who was really cool and introduced his then new novel, San Miguel. As the name suggests, the story is located on San Miguel Island and tells the stories of two women who lived there in the late 19th / early 20th century. And that’s it. I can’t remember any bit of the story, only how boring it was. I don’t even know why I finished it at all! I think I tried to accept my own boredom as part of the story, because living on San Miguel was dead boring for the main characters, too.

Any suggestions on how I can restore my idea of T.C. Boyle being cool?




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