Unpopular Oppinion

I often hesitate picking up trends because I happen to dislike what everybody else seems to be attracted to. Pulp Fiction – might be fun to watch when your drunk or high. Car races – WTF? Rihanna singing ballads – SHUT UP!!!

For the very same reason it took me a while to even take a look at Harry Potter. I only watched the movie when we had moved to London and, lacking a TV, we started watchig DVDs on my laptop, and Tesco at that time sold ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. Looking back, I am sure the movie had not caught me had I watched it in German first. But, as I mentioned before, I love the language of the Harry Potter series. So I started to read and fell for it. I shiver whenever I hear the music dadadada-dadadaaaaa-dadadada-dadaaaa.

When I shiver because of the book I want to introduce you to today, I only shiver for disgust. The book I disliked while everybody else seemed to love it, is:

Suzanne Collins’ ‘The Hunger Games‘. Everybody was so excited: great story, great characters, unexpected ending,  a must read! And while the story is one of the oldest in known history, the book is – I have no words for it. I can’t even describe how bad it is. Which is unfortunate, because my son gave it to me as a Chistmas present, and I had wanted it; and then I had to admit that I hated it. You don’t want that for your child…

As with ‘The 100s’, or smoking weed, people use to tell me: It gets better. But guess what. If you want me to read or watch season 2 and 3, you better write a good first season / book. And if the first shot doesn’t make you feel good, well, that might be a hint that addiction sucks.

How did I end up making this connection?




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