Blogging Challenge, Day 14

Today, I am challenged to come up with a list of authors I’d like to meet. I stopped wanting to meet popular people when I grew out of puberty (except a divorced Johnny Depp maybe), so I have to think hard about this one.

However, at Live Your Legend, it’s an imortant part of the game to surround yourself with inspiring people, so that you start to believe you can live the way you want and learn how to do it. Asking who I want to meet has therefore become part of my weekly planning process over the past few weeks. Authors, there are a few.

Authors I’d like to meet

  • Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start with Why‘. He’s smart, does much of what I do in similar ways, and he’s cute.
  • Brené Brown, author of ‘Daring Greatly’. She is an ethnographer and I am into social sciences, too. I’d love to learn from her about the method of ethnography and how to derive concepts from the massive amounts of data.
  • Chris Grey, author of ‘A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Studying Organizations‘ and various articles on management I devoured. Should I ever get my stuff together and feel ready to work towards my PhD (i.e. moving back to London), he would be my first choice as a supervisor. He has such a pragmatic, yet ethical approach to management and management education, I would love to discuss those topics with him.
  • T.C. Boyle, author of the book which disappointed me, ‘San Miguel’. I love him in interviews, and I’d really like to have a couple of pints of Guiness with him and figure out how such a person can write such a boring book.
  • Michel Houellebecq, author of ‘Submission‘, a book I thouroughly enjoyed. I don’t know what it is, having read only one of his works yet, but I feel attraction to his line of thinking and describing people and society. He even makes me want to improve my French, so that I can enjoy his writings without the noise of a translator.




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