Favourite First Sentences

As I mentioned earlier, I never remember first sentences. I hardly remember any details. I am a generalist, I look at the big picture. Details only bother me when they disturb the experience as a whole.

I have a friend who remembers every detail. She never watches TV but she knows every director just from reading the TV programme. She knows dialogues by heart. I have to learn text willingly if I want to remember it. I don’t even remember easily gags I wrote myself.

So, when it comes to first sentences, I can’t come up with not a single one. I have to look them up. This is my favourite today:

Ein Mann kommt nach Deutschland.

English: A man comes to Germany.

Draußen vor der Tür‘, Wolfgang Borchert

One of my, if not my all time favourite play. It is located in Hamburg, Germany, right after WWII and tells the story of Beckmann, a soldier returning from Russia only to find his former life gone. He has no place in post-war Germany, and nobody is waiting for him. It is about a society neglecting his sacrifice because everybody wants to forget. It’s about a man who fails to fit back into the world which has changed so much. It’s an accusation directed towards a country which has done so much bad and turns away from the returning soldiers as if nobody else had anything to do with what had happened. And it’s a moving plea for peace.




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