The King

Oh, I wish I could come up with something impressing for today’s writing prompt. But the author I read the most… is Stephen King. I read eveything I could put my hands on in my teenage years:

  • Carrie. As far as I remember I watched the movie first. Which is usually better than the other way round. Movie adaptations tend to be disappointing.
  • Rage
  • The Stand
  • Different Seasons
  • The Dark Tower I – The Gunslinger
  • The Dark Tower II – The Drawing of the Three
  • The Dark Tower III – The Waste Lands
  • Pet Sematary. Oooh, one of my favourites.
  • The Talisman
  • Salem’s Lot
  • The Shining. Also loved the movie adaptation. Jack Nicholson, the Great! And Stanley Kubrick, I had a fling for his movies.
  • Night Shift
  • The Long Walk
  • Christine. Cool!
  • Thinner. That was a tough one.
  • It. I think, ‘It’ was my first King book. What a writing! I have not been able to enjoy clowns ever since.
  • The Eyes of the Dragon
  • Misery. Urgh!
  • The Green Mile

And then I just stopped. The Green Mile was my last King book. Something had changed. While as a kid and teenager I loved mystery thrillers and horror movies, from a certain point onwards I could no longer stand it. Which is a little weird, because I switched to criminal books (and TV series and movies) and biographic narrations including the most terrible personal experiences. I think I just feel like in criminology you have something to use to understand the terrible things which can happen while in horror books everything seems so random and pointless.

I really liked King, maybe I just give him another try. Any recommendations?



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