Today, I don’t really know what to write about. The prompt is: A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving / liking. But why would I read a book which I expect not to like?

Because you have to for your studies

Seriously? If you don’t like what you have to read for your studies, maybe you are studying the wrong subject? Of course during your studies you are confronted with boring stuff, stupid ideas or incongruent theories as well as with great or neutral material. You can’t agree with everything. But even the bad stuff broadens your horizon and helps you finding your own questions and theories. And while I am not always excited ‘Yeah, a new idea to process!’, the worst expectational mood I get into when it comes to reading for my subject is mild disinterest.

Because it was a gift

I have a few books on my shelf which I received as gifts and have not read yet. I don’t mind that because when I come across something I want to read, I read that first and only turn to gifts when there is nothing else left. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting books as a gift. In our family, we always got a book along with our other presents for our birthdays or Christmas or whatever occasion occured, and I kept that tradition with my kid. But of course not all gifts stirr excitement. Sometimes it takes a while to get to reading a specific book. But not because I would expect not to like it. It’s just because I have other books to read before.

Your friends want to discuss content they read

Ha! And here we are with a book, I indeed did not expect to like. I mentioned it elsewhere, it’s ‘Tussikratie’ by Theresa Bäuerlein and Friederike Knüpling. A friend gave it to me, and I expected it to be more against feminism than it is. The subtitle is ‘Why women can’t do wrong and men can’t do right’, which is obviously meant to sound ironic. While I do not agree with everything the authors say or with every conclusion they draw, the book is fresh and nice to read, and it takes a very calm, pragmatic approach to feminism. The bottom line could be phrased like this: ‘Women’s rights are not about blaming men’. Feminism can only work if it works for every gender, and there are other, more relevant fights to fight in modern societies, which might or might not include gender issues, e.g. poverty, discrimination or climate change.

There you go. Have a great day!



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