Best Read 2016

My favourite book this year I have read so far is Brené Brown‘s ‘Daring Greatly’. Brown is a social researcher and works on the concept of vulnerability. Her research suggests that vulnerability is the key to feeling connected to other people.

You might benefit from reading ‘Daring Geatly’ especially if you had to close down and build a wall around your feelings at one time in your life to survive and be able to go on. You know, like, when you feel as if as soon as you tell someone what’s going on you have to crumble to the floor and will never be able to stop crying again. Sometimes it’s hard after such a period to open up again. Brené Brown has a wonderful approach to this sensitive topic. It’s  not your average ‘be honest and everything will be fine’ stuff. No. She is very clear that vulnerability is risky, and that you have to learn to distinguish who earns your trust and who doesn’t.

Watch her TED-talk on vulnerability here:

I am a bit of the ‘better careful than sorry’ type when it comes to opening up, and people who open up too fast make me feel uncomfortable. I stepped back from showing myself for fear of becoming one of those annoying professional victims who tell you too much too early. Brenè Brown remembered me that it is not about being open or not. It’s about stopping to use strength as a shield and being able to open up when appropriate and desirable. And, first and foremost, that there are situations when it IS appropriate and desirable. Because only when you show yourself can people like who you are.




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