Monthly Wrap-Up

So, here we are again.Another month done. Can’ t believe that tonight we dance into May, it’s still quite cold and grey outside.

I am back into writing daily. No, wait. I have managed writing daily for a month for the first time ever. Another big Thank you to Nielle for her blogging challenge! I used to struggle with finding topics and justifying my choice of topic. This month I learned not to explain why I write about what I write, but acually write about it. I plan to keep that habit.

I did not complete my To be read list. I struggle with Huckleberry Finn, which is really hard to read. Twain uses dialects from slave communities and as English is a foreign language for me sometimes I have to read phrases several times to understand them. Instead, I read Catching Fire yesterday. As you might remember I hated The Hunger Games, but I found part II for a few bucks. Critiques were right, it is better than part one, but I still don’t like the language. It’s plain and with no finesse at all.

Sometimes it snows in April

I am still sad. The right song in the wrong moment, and I cry like I lost someone. I still try to understand why that is. Yes, I have always been loving Prince’s music, and I liked his style and looks (MUCH!), but I would not have considered me a huge fan until last week.

Someone once told me we are only sad when someone dies because it reminds us of our own mortality. I don’t know. Loosing a beloved one is a pretty good reason to cry in itself, I’d suggest. But crying for a celebrity might indeed mean crying for the memories we made listening to their work, for all the people we lost over the course of the years, and for the ideals we cling to, not knowing whether they will ever meet us. The other night I was dreaming that when I die and I meet Prince in heaven I can have sex with him whenever I want. I seriously wonder whether that fits into any religious idea of heaven 😀

However, Prince reminds me that I want to make more out of my creativity, live with more passion and do that from a spiritual ground which makes me trust life much more happily than just because I need to trust life to not give in to desperation, as it sometimes felt in the past years. Beyond his great musical genius, that’s his legacy for me.

Thank you



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