Welcome to my blog where I share the story of how I live with multiple interests, dreams and passions towards completely soaking every drop out of life. Because that’s why we are here: To live life. Not to become perfect, adored or to preserve our bodies as if we were still 22 years old.

I deeply care about equality of rights and people living a self-determined life. Because living is about personal development. You live, you grow. You stop growing, you die. And while many people might not die physically, at least not immediately, they are dead on the inside because they strive towards other people’s goals, not towards their own. And in doing so they accept too many negatives: health issues, economic insecurity, ecologic desaster, poor relationships, fraud, idiots ruling.

To live a self-determined life, you need:

  • Knowledge about what’s going on,
  • Awareness of yourself and others,
  • Time to reflect on what you find,
  • Role-models, and
  • Courage, because in accepting responsibility for your life you let go of all the convenient excuses.

Everything I’ve done so far fits with this idea. From consulting unemployed people to teaching self-defence to lecturing business administration, and all the other things. Because, as mentioned in this blog’s headline, I am a multipod, a jack-of-all-trades, interested in everything, and it took me a while to find this link beween all the things and projects I’ve done so far.

I am not sure yet where this journey leads me. I have a few ideas in mind how to encourage others to chose self-determination and empowering them through knowledge and or advice. I invite you to follow my journey, to accompany me for a while or, who knows, maybe even become part of the adventure. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and requests.





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